What We Do


Our company started its services in the field of cooling and ventilation in 2007 with its QUALITY SERVICE, RATIONAL SOLUTION slagon.

Our company has an understanding that is completely innovative as a vision, follows technology and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Our company also manufactures automation and microprocessor control panels (cold room, packaged type water cooling groups, mr device cooling groups, radiotherapy (pet and ct) device cooling, uvonformatic air conditioning, chiller groups etc.) on cooling systems.

Emergency malfunction intervention, preventive periodic maintenance and mechanical revision services of the air conditioning and cooling systems established for industrial purposes and the mechanical installations and equipment working in coordination with these systems are provided 24/7.


» Hospital operating room and intensive care cooling systems
» Mr and PET CT Radiotherapy cooling systems
» Laboratory and clean room air conditioning systems
» Air conditioner sales and service
» Chiller groups
» Air handling unit and fan-coil systems
" Cold storage
» Air dryers
» Industrial cold storage service
» Cooling systems mechanical installation maintenance and revisions
» Refrigeration systems and air conditioner electronic control board repairs
» Revision of building and villa cooling systems
» Refrigeration compressor repair and maintenance
Air handling unit maintenance and repair
Rooftop roof type air conditioner
heat pumps