Compressor Revision

EFOR SOĞUTMA, by keeping the spare parts stock of all brands and models of compressors (Piston, Screw, Centrifugal type Compressor) imported to Turkey, as the fastest solution partner to our customers by supplying parts abroad, without compromising our quality standards (by using original spare parts ) continues to make revisions in accordance with its technique without loss of efficiency.

Procedures performed after your compressor is taken to our workshop;

The defective compressor is taken to our mechanical workshop and disassembled by our technical team.

Pictures are taken during the disassembly process. The dismantled mechanical parts (connecting rods, pistons, cranks, etc.) are subjected to technical measurements.

It is checked whether the removed mechanical parts are within the factory wear limits.

The pictures of the parts with defect or wear are taken and a technical report is prepared and sent to the customer via e-mail.

Compressor Mechanical Overhaul offer is presented to our customers along with it. Following the bid approval, pictures are taken during the assembly as well, camera images are taken and the compressor is collected.

The compressor, whose collection process is completed, is run on the test stand. Ampere control, meger test, lubrication pressure control are done. Vibration tests, detailed stator controls are made.

After all the measurement and control results made in the test section are recorded on the Control Chart and the computer, they are taken to the painting section. Before the compressor painting process, the compressor is blinded and nitrogen gas is pressed, and leakage control is performed. After making sure that there is no leakage, the compressors are painted.

After the painting process, the compressor is packaged and delivered to the customer, or the compressor is delivered in working condition after installation and commissioning according to the customer's request.

Compressor, which returns to our factory standards as a result of the operations we have done, against the errors that may occur within the operations; are under our warranty, except for faults that may arise from misuse, unauthorized intervention, electrical voltage and installation.