Chemical Cleaning

The basic condition for the Water Cooled Chiller group to reach the highest economic standards is the perfect operation of the cooling tower and condenser. Any loss in heat transfer causes high costs. In order to prevent corrosion and deposits that may occur in the copper pipes in the condenser, it is necessary to condition the water in the installation and to clean the strainer (filter) at certain periods.

Due to insufficient heat exchange in the condensers in the devices of our customers, who have not done these applications or have made them incompletely, malfunctions are observed in their devices. In order to avoid these situations, it will be healthier for you to have the tower, tower line, condenser line and evaporator line cleaning processes done. During these condenser/evaporator cleaning processes, our company uses a special cleaning machine in order not to damage the copper pipes and to completely clean the corrosion and deposits collected around the pipes.